List of Nokia telephones Product From Beginning

 List of Nokia telephones

This is a listing of Nokia telephones, with the beneficial aid of using product group, for the United Kingdom marketplace crafted from the Nineteen Eighties to the primary half of of the 2000s. Initially Nokia telephones had been very much like the ones of numerous manufacturers. The imaginative and prescient of Jorma Ollila, Nokia's CEO, and of layout representative, Frank Nuovo, discovered Nokia counts on the path of the fledgling enterprise mobile commercial enterprise in the early 1990s. The surrender quit end result of this collaboration have come to be a sluggish growth of Nokia's variety to cowl many unique styles of user. There have come to be little or no strategy, layout or advertising and advertising and marketing and marketing and advertising implemented to early mobileular telephones. However, with the involvement of Frank Nuovo, who started out as a layout representative with Nokia in 1989, the Nokia imaginative and prescient started out to be realised. Of the analogue telephones, hints to the destiny may be visible withinside the Nokia 101, that have come to be all approximately ease of use over abilties and small size. Later Nuovo designed the 232, a client telecellsmartphone with luggage of style. Nuovo known as it his Ferrari telecellsmartphone.

The Nokia rinGo, advertised as a cheap, smooth to apply telecellsmartphone for the Swedish marketplace took the idea of simplicity too far.
It changed into the Nokia "Bimbo" alienating lady consumers. But the rinGo had a present day hire of existence because of the truth the UK's first PAYG Nokia.

1987Nokia/Mobira Cityman 1320BrickNokia's first handportable. Also released for the NMT network as Cityman 450 and Cityman 900
1990Nokia Cityman 100BrickDifferent style Cityman phone
1990Nokia Cityman 190BrickMore advanced version of the Cityman 100
1992Nokia 101CandybarDesigned by Frank Nuovo, put usability first and set Nokia on its future path for success
1992Nokia 121CandybarAdvanced business user version of the 101
1993Nokia 100CandybarBasic consumer version of the 101
1994Nokia 232CandybarStylish consumer phone designed by Frank Nuovo; Alicia Silverstone's phone in 'Clueless'
1996Nokia rinGoCandybarVery basic analogue phone with reputation as the "Bimbo" phone; the first Nokia on PAYG in the UK (1997)
1996Nokia 909CandybarBasic analogue phone, more advanced than the rinGo.

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